517 Programming Methodology

Our Programming Methodology

It’s only natural to evolve as time goes by – we, and our program, at CrossFit 517 are no different.

crossfit pyramid

Anyone familiar with CrossFit methodology recognizes this pyramid as the prioritization of focuses regarding a healthy, fit lifestyle. Basically, most attention should be paid to one’s nutrition, consuming foods which as act fuel for the desired lifestyle … secondly, one’s physical conditioning, strengthening and improving heart and lung health … thirdly, one’s ability, while moving well, to safely use their body in a way consistent with their desired lifestyle … fourth, adding muscular strength and power, increasing our loaded work capacity … and lastly, sport, meaning being able to take part in any physical activity you’d like to.

It’s easy to focus on the top two or three sections of the pyramid and forego the remainder. After all, those things are fun! However, if you built a house in the same manner, focusing on big, pretty rooms and not establishing a basement or sound foundation, the first storm or stress to come upon your structure would cause it to fail in it’s ability to keep you dry and safe.

Our Goal
At CrossFit 517, we recognize the following needs in all humans, and work daily to help our members achieve the following:

Sound Nutrition
Strong, Healthy Heart & Lungs
Full Range, Pain-Free Body Movement
Contractile Strength and Power

The fact is, as you’ve likely heard, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. In the same way, you can’t increase your heart health without pushing your body to uncomfortable areas where you are stressing your cardiovascular system. And of course you can’t expect to add muscular strength and power without lifing and throwing heavy things.

WODs (workouts)
With all that in mind, we have a program model which attempts to balance the above mentioned priorities appropriately. By designating days of “training”, meaning practicing skills and body movements in a way to better help our efficiencies of movement, our aim is to become overall better in the seven ways humans move: jumping, squating, pushing, pulling, hip flexion, hip extension and running.

Our “competition” days purely provide an opportunity for us to “let ‘er rip!” – meaning to test ourselves and our progress at that given point in time.

Lastly, we have “mental toughness” days. These days are designed to get you in an uncomfortable place long enough that you have to rely and depend on something greater than your physical being to conquer the task. Never underestimate the power of the mind to control and push the body. The mind, like the rest of your pysical body, needs to be pushed out of its comfort zone as well, in order to maximize its capacity.

Now that we’ve discussed how our days are programmed, let’s discuss how they end.

I’m a late adopter of Yoga, but of Yoga I have adopted. It is so useful in increasing range of motion, promoting joint and tendon health, and testing mental fortitude, we have included our version at the end of every workout. Our goal of a pain-free lifestyle is incorporating mobility and flexibility training regularly.

Keeping Score

How do we know if we’re winning if we’re not keeping score? We have to keep score! We keep score at CrossFit 517 by periodically testing and recording certain physical and performance based measurements.

We believe this method not only aligns with CrossFit’s overall vision of health and fitness, but has proven effective and timeless.