Myth: “CrossFit is Too Expensive.”

By Rebecca Gaarde,
CrossFit L-1 Coach, CrossFit 517

too expensive wonkaThis quote really grinds my gears. Let me tell you something, here at CrossFit 517 you’ll spend in the ballpark of $100 a month for a membership with us. And boy do people get flabbergasted when we tell them this number. What is included in this $100 a month?  Strength and conditioning classes coached by CrossFit Level 1 Certificate holders or higher with degrees and years of experience in Health and Exercise Science.  You will be taught in small group settings where you will get individual attention to detail, safety, and technique by any of our multiple coaches.

Each class is designed by our coaches with regards to what level our athletes (aka: anyone who walks in the door to participate) happen to be at during their fitness journey. This is where scalability comes in, meaning the program will stay the same for each athlete, however the load and intensity might differ.  Each and every one of these specially designed classes includes functional movements such as weightlifting, running, gymnastics, rowing; the possibilities are endless. In any given class we might have our top athlete working right next to our oldest (58 years) doing the same workout.

And don’t get me started on the friendships you will make along the way; some of the strongest bonds you will make in your lifetime. Working hard, sweating, pushing yourself to limits you didn’t know possible, getting stronger, faster, healthier next to people who are striving for the same thing you are is what makes it a community and not just another gym. You won’t find any of this anywhere else. I guarantee it!

So if that’s not worth $100 a month to you, well, go ahead and continue with your $5 a day for coffee instead…

That’s $140/month btw.